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Immunising Your Child

Immunising your child can be a daunting and even terrifying process. I clearly remember taking my first child to get her immunisations and I had to ask myself do I really need to do this. There is so much noise especially now with unfiltered “facts” on social media forums and sites that it can be difficult to know who to believe. I have heard and read so many varied ideas about vaccinations from the plausible to the ridiculous.

The process to make a decision is made more emotionally difficult as the No Jab No Pay policy feels like you are being forced into it. We spend all our days (and nights!) as parents protecting our children from pain, so why would we then stick needles into them? Why would we put a “chemical” into them? Why do we let our Doctor or Community Nurse whom we trust do this to our precious little parcel?

We do it because we do love them! We do it because we don’t want them to get sick! We do it for the same reason we get nervous doing it.

The vaccination schedule continues to grow and broaden because we know that vaccinating people from diseases protects them. Here are some facts about immunisations so you can be confident when getting your child vaccinated as well as making an informed decision to get him/her vaccinated.

  • Immunisation saves lives. You could stop reading here. This fact is the most important.
  • Vaccines strengthen your child’s immune system. Many mothers (and fathers) ask about the effects on the immune system and the simple fact is it improves your child’s immune system and makes it stronger.
  • All childhood diseases we vaccinate against can cause serious illness, including death. Because vaccines are so effective, I think we as a community have forgotten simply how serious these illnesses are. When we see them it reminds us why we vaccinate.
  • 93% of five-year-old children in Australia are vaccinated – this figure needs to be as high as possible. This is because “herd immunity” is crucial. It is crucial for the herd as well as the individuals, especially the vulnerable.
  • All vaccines available in Australia have been thoroughly tested for safety and effectiveness and are continually monitored.
  • Skipping or delaying vaccinations puts your child and those around you at risk of contracting serious diseases.
  • Immunisation is a safe and effective way of giving protection against common diseases such as whooping cough and measles.

If you have questions about immunisations, please come and speak with any of our Doctors. We are all passionately pro-immunisation and would love to help you understand the importance of it as we care for your precious little people (as well as the precious older people we care for).